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Meet Godai. Surrender your senses to the tantalizing flavors of Chef Eric Stevens, a visionary Culinary professional, who brings his 24 years of experience in top restaurants, sustainable cooking and recipe innovation to our restaurant and promises our guests an unforgettable dining experience day after day.

Eric came to Romania on holiday 10 years ago and fell irresistibly in love with our country. Focused on experimental cuisine Eric also brings the flavors of the world to dinners using sustainable practices and technology. With his strong creative flair and passion for cooking, Eric opened his first restaurant The Grapevine, in Bellingham, WA. USA, at the age of 23, with a focus on high-end Vegan food. Since then he has been involved in ventures in the United States and abroad, including many award-winning restaurants.

Our Head Chef together with his team of passionate chefs, food artists, and cooks, dedicate their crafting skills to creating flavourful dishes for all tastes, artfully balancing authentic herbs and spices to create the perfect mix.

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The Philosophy.

Godai, meaning the five mythical elements, is the heart of Japanese culture: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and Void. The raw sweetness of life. The vibrant joy, energy, and desires. The enlightenment. All the flavors of fine living put together in the artfully designed menus of your new and tantalizing Asian cuisine destination.

Be our honored guests and let the sacred symphony of the five elements begin. Your new, multi-sensory dining experience at Godai is a delightful escape to the breathtaking landscapes of Asia, deep into the most luxurious rainforests, up on the magnificent mountains and across the endless sun-kissed beaches.


The Restaurant.

The new food & social fusion is all about feeling good and tasting life to the fullest. Our everyday promise is to bring you the best food experience, high-quality authentic ingredients and excellent service while providing a pleasant and clean ambiance for happy moments.

Let the open-zoned yakitori and grill boldly delight your senses. Discover our dedicated sushi & noodle bar and taste a piece of mystical reaches of Asia. Find yourself in perfect harmony with nature indulging in a variety of vegan dishes freshly cooked for you and your partners. And above everything, feel good and enjoy your fine living. This is what it’s about when we are together. You and us. The perfect alchemy.

Be our honored guests:

Client Reviews

Godai Restaurant has had the great pleasure of working with thousands of clients - here are some of the kind words they had to say.

Average customer rating 4.82 (253 votes)

  • Loved the food, a great mix of flavors in each dish! A must go restaurant when in Bucharest, stylish and unique! Definitely recommend!
    Monica Madru
  • Staff is VERY friendly, terrace is heated - so comfort is good; no kids seats though. Foods served - just wow! loved every bite. The veggie ramen is the new benchmark (at least in town).
    Zsolt Sipos
  • Newly opened restaurant. Modern design. I've tried it 3 times. I think is the best fusion-Asian cuisine in Bucharest. Try the Korean kimchi mussels, forbidden rice coconut pudding (dessert) and the curry's they are delicious. I'll tell you more after the next visit ;)
    Alec Pop


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