Our Cocktails

Tiki sangria

red wine, orange juice, ketel one, bacardi gold, lemon juice, rose water, strawberries /210 ml

38 Lei

Naked monkey

ketel one, cherry liquior, vanilla syrup, lime juice, lychee juice /170 ml

36 Lei

Miss China

silver rum, insomia tea, st. germain, lemon juice, pineapple juice, apple, bitter orange /120 ml

36 Lei

Gin and roses

hendrick’s gin, peach liquior, bitter orange, rose water, tonic water /270 ml

38 Lei


kaffir lime infused chachaca, brown sugar, lime /120 ml

36 Lei

Sake spritz

sayuri sake, st. germain, grapefruit juice, prosseco /180 ml

38 Lei

Lychee martini

ramazotti, lillet blanc, lychee liquior, aloe vera /120 ml

36 Lei

Pink fairy

dry sake, passion fruit liquior, passion fruit, prosseco, lemon juice /180 ml

40 Lei

Tokyo sidecar

japanese whisky, cointreau, yuzu juice /120 ml

46 Lei

Midori smash

midori, basil, lime juice, honey syrup /120 ml

36 Lei

Matcha highball

220 ml

44 Lei

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Godai Drinks


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